NavInfo and Tencent release WeDrive

Posted on Wednesday 24 September 2014, by Harald Hagenaars

NavInfo and Tencent held a news conference of Telematics jointly at Park Hyatt Beijing on September 24. They issued the vehicle internet total solution fun drive WeDirve. This is the first total vehicle solution with both all-round quality internet service and the clouds across the screen synchronization capability. It also marked the first real cooperation for Telematics area after Tencent become a shareholder of NavInfo on May 2014. Mr. Sun Yuguo, president of NavInfo; Mr. Cheng Peng, executive vice president of NavInfo and Mr. Ma Zhe, vice president of Tencent, attend this news conference together and witnessed the birth of WeDrive.

According the news conference information, Tencent quality internet content will realize on the vehicle machine by Fun Drive WeDrive and will let the user perfect experience continue to the driving scene. Fun Drive WeDrive integrated the quality sources of Tencent vehicle QQ, QQ music, Tencent news, Dianping, optional share, Tencent watch the game, NavInfo Fun Drive navigation and Fun Drive T service; built a vehicle internet whole solution and let the user enjoy the experience of Multiterminal synchronization vehicle internet product during driving and provide safe, entertainment, social and life service for driving life. In addition, Fun Drive WeDrive provides Wechat public account WeCar for the first time. The car owner can realize car condition query (mileage, fuel consumption and tire pressure), telecontrol (door switch, lighting switch and air conditioning switch), send to car (remote POI position information and vehicle automatic navigation) after scanning Wechat two-dimensional code and concern the public account. NavInfo can build unique WeDrive solution according to different customized demand to service more drivers on more car types.

From DunDrive to WeDrive

NavInfo issued Telematics product FunDrive in 2011. This time, with more Tencent social elements, FunDrive upgraded to WeDrive. Tencent has the two leading applications QQ and Wechat which having the most active users in China and many products with billion users. These all proved that Tencent products and services are very popular. The driver has strong demands for these quality content and service. So, NavInfo, who has so much item experiences of Telematics service and solution, will integrate these demands into FunDrive to build a brand new vehicle internet whole solution WeDrive.

Fun Drive Navigation Perfect Improve Driving Experience

NavInfo provide fun drive navigation service in WeDrive. It can support voice recognition and realize fast entry to release the drivers’ hands which uses speak and listen to ensure safe drive. Meantime, fun drive navigation can support gesture recognition to make the interactive interface and operation mode more natural for searching and page turn. All these programs mentioned above will transplant from mobile phone to car machine. Mr. Li Zhaohong, NavInfo general manager assistant & TSP director, introduced that fun drive navigation will provide real 3D map to the terminal users. It will display more direct, convenient and true scene to help user finding object and positioning. Also, 360 degree street map will show in NavInfo WeDrive for the first time. It will realize seamless handover between dun drive navigation and street scene which can realize the perfect integration of navigation and street scene truly.

NavInfo FunDrive T Service Everywhere

FunDrive T Service is another highlight of the new issued WeDrive. FunDrive T Service can provide parking lot, gas station, 4S shop and regulations limit line. The parking lot and gas station also include Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan data and can provide dynamic depth information. For example, the driver can get real-time update oil price, parking lot space number and store contacts, business hours and detailed address information easily. FunDrive T Service is a kind of service around the driver’s travel life. All the information and demand about car life can enjoy by FunDrive T Service easily.

NavInfo Support the WeDrive Customized Demand Development

According to Mr. Cheng Peng, executive vice president of NavInfo, WeDrive is an open and customized platform. NavInfo can provide customized solutions according to different cart yard and different car type to let WeDrive service more car owners. As the first biggest digital map provider in China and the leading vehicle front loading navigation provider, NavInfo has very friendly and deep cooperative relationship with the cart yard. So, NavInfo will use its own technology and rich cart yard source to let WeDrive carry out to the car and rich drivers’ internet life. Mr. Li Zhaohong, NavInfo general manager assistant & TSP director, also said that many cart yard customers had already proposed the demand of WeDrive customization. WeDirve will meet everyone in the next half year.

Obvious Advantages of WeDrive

WeDrive has obvious characters and advantages compares with the other Telematics products and services in the market. First of all, WeDrive integrated the power internet sources of Tencent and quality map navigation and data sources of NavInfo. The second, Tencent and NavInfo both have very rich experiences at different areas. For example, as one of the biggest internet providers, Tencent has the experience of improving internet user experience, whereas NavInfo has many years’ experiences of vehicle information services. For car enterprises, the business value of WeDrive is hard to overestimate. On the one hand, internet principle can help improving car enterprise band value; on the other hand, the internet product which is always on the basis of user experience, can greatly improve the excellent enjoy for car owners.

WeDrive, issued by NavInfo and Tencent jointly, not only further rich the content and service of Telematics area for NavInfo, but also help improving NavInfo data source by Tencent billion users. After Tencent become the second shareholder of NavInfo, by the strategic cooperation of the two parties, NavInfo will bring popular internet elements for its own Telematics business. At the same time, the issue of WeDrive has made a satisfactory paper for the depth cooperation of Telematics area which is issued on the strategic cooperation media conference on May this year.

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