How to reach Mapscape

Posted on Wednesday 31 May 2017, by Harald Hagenaars

Saturday 27 May, the building under construction at the opposite side of our office street collapsed. For safety reasons, the municipality of Eindhoven decided to close the Luchthavenweg which is also the entry to our office. Here is a small instruction how you can reach our office.

Our office building at Luchthavenweg 34 is actually the last building you can still visit. For safety reasons, big fences have been set up at the corner towards the airport. This situation will at least last until mid of June 2017. When you try to drive up onto the Luchthavenweg an officer from the municipality in a yellow coat will stop your vehicle. Please tell the officer that you are a visitor of Mapscape. They will then let you pass. As soon as you reach the Henri Wijnmalenweg on the left, you will again see a big sign that you should turn left to go to the kiss-and-ride zone. Please don't follow this sign. Just keep on driving towards the fence at the end of the Luchthavenweg. On the left, you will see our building. You can just enter this building the usual way by ringing the bell near the side walk.

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