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At NavInfo Europe, we leverage our skills and expertise in map data delivery, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity to produce advanced solutions for various markets. The collective knowledge of our multidisciplinary teams has been applied to accelerate autonomous driving and empower smart cities. Helping companies realize their vision with the latest technology is our mission, and high-quality, robust solutions is our promise.

Our Story

Our story begins with Mapscape, a Netherlands-based company that specialized at high-quality in-vehicle navigation service. To enhance the digital mapping pipeline and enrich the location-based service ecosystem, NavInfo acquired Mapscape and established NavInfo Europe in 2011. Since then, we have been dedicated to global market development and witness great success from OEM and Tier1 customers in the automotive industry.

Our success and accumulated experience lead us to broaden our horizon and start the journey of AI exploration. In 2015, we established our Advanced Research Lab. The capability in AI enables us to enhance our mapping pipeline and facilitates our simulation solution development, paving the way towards Autonomous Driving and Smart Mobility.

The development of intelligent technology brings huge advantages but also poses growing potential cyber risks to the connected environment. We integrated Cybersecurity into our competencies and ensure safe and secure solutions for our customers that avoid financial and reputational loss.

Thanks to our years of expert research and development in AI and cybersecurity, we proudly launched our AI Business Solutions to overcome the challenges in AI adoption. We are passionate about seeking the right solutions that fulfill the needs of our customers, to work together towards a smarter future.

Our Team

Established in Eindhoven, Europe’s tech hub, our team embodies the soul of the city through their extensive experience and passion for technology and innovation. Our dedicated team of researchers, engineers, developers, and business consultants possess diverse educational backgrounds and hail from over 30 countries, giving NavInfo Europe the perspective it needs to satisfy international clients. Being part of NavInfo Europe means working towards a modern, connected and secure world for everyone, everywhere.

“Empowering industry customers with innovative products and services has always been our mission. It is an honor to work together with all the partners enabling a better future.”

– Patrick Cheng, NavInfo CEO

NavInfo Group

NavInfo is a China-based technology company leading the way to becoming the “digital brain of intelligent driving” with core businesses in HD map, high accuracy positioning, cloud service platform and automotive-grade semiconductors for ADAS and autonomous driving.

Founded in 2002, NavInfo is the market leader in navigation map, navigation software development, dynamic traffic information, location big data and customized connected vehicle services to both passenger and commercial vehicles. Now, NavInfo is ushering in the new era of automotive industry with a comprehensive technology development strategy and laying the foundation to become one of the most trustworthy smart mobility solution providers in the China market and beyond.


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