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Anonymize faces and license plates of your collected data without risking non-compliance with privacy laws such as GDPR, CCPA, and APPI.

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Privacy Regulation Compliance

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Flexible deployment

Challenging vision conditions

End-to-end solution

The solution for GDPR compliance offers several key features. It ensures GDPR compliance without impacting downstream workflows, and it can be tailored to meet specific needs. We offer the best deployment option to quicken processing time, and it reduces the need for human intervention, which saves time and budget. Flexible deployment options are available, including cloud, on-premise, or API access.    

Additionally, the solution efficiently blurs license plates and faces, even under challenging vision conditions and with different camera FoVs. It also seamlessly handles data, stores it securely, processes it accurately, and exports results without any issues and with ease. 

is anonymization for you?

If you are collecting data for ADS features development, you will inevitably get personal information such as faces and license plates. To be compliant with privacy laws, it is required to anonymize this personal information. Our solution offers precise blurring of vast over large datasets and camera types while not making an impact on any perception training data algorithms. 

If you are gathering data to improve as part of your asset management, inspection, and maintenance solutions for use cases like issuing parking fines, or gathering asset insight such as traffic signs or road damages, you must make sure the stored data is compliant with GDPR. Our solution offers precise blurring of your data collected by different camera types. 


Get insight into your data

From the vast volume of data collected for development and tests for autonomous driving, less than 10% of the data is eventually valuable. Our data tagging service provides the insight of the collected data, to enable you to understand the distribution and completeness of your data better, in this way, you can also save on data transfer and labelling costs. Learn more about data tagging.

We have successfully anonymized input data from a variety of customers across domains, including data from diverse camera types, different weather conditions, and across different regions.

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