Artificial Intelligence

AI research team consists of a group of energetic researchers with extensive expertise in Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Robust AI and Causality. Our strong grip over a broad range of applications enables us to collaborate and contribute with various business units in NavInfo group to provide cutting-edge location-based services and facilitate the group’s vision to become the "Digital Brain of Intelligent Driving”. We are also collaborating with external customers for identifying AI use cases in different industries and deploying our AI products for smarter and more reliable solutions.


Some of our current projects involve:




* Green dots/markers: absolute ground truth sign position; Blue dots/markers: estimated sign position; Yellow lines: driving path.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy in the European Union (EU). The main challenge for video processing is how to process a large amount of data while addressing privacy compliance.

To tackle this challenge, our team has created the anonymization tool to anonymize personally identifiable information such as faces and license plates. Based on Neural Networks, we trained on millions of datasets, which includes the data captured by our own collection vehicles and also edge cases, to make sure the scalability and automation of the pipeline. 

The tool is reusable to guarantee GPDR compliance of visual data and has flexible deployment options via various cloud platforms.


Papers publicly available are:


The research activities are powered by an AI-ready IT infrastructure: