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Do you have real drive data and want to make use of it for ADAS and ADS feature validation and testing? Do you need the assistance of a trusted partner to extract high-quality scenarios? NavInfo Europe’s Scenario Extractor solution provides high-quality scenarios for simulation testing and validation of ADAS and ADS features. 

What will we do?

NavInfo Europe leverages strong mapping expertise as well as capabilities in AI and Computer Vision to build solutions enabling simulation testing for ADAS and ADS features. Our Scenario Extractor can extract concrete simulation scenarios from Real Drive Data, through a fully automated pipeline. We digitize entire drives through our automated softwareidentify challenging scenarios by assigning risk scores, and export the scenarios in OpenDrive and OpenScenario formats.

What will you get?

You will receive high-quality scenarios extracted from vehicle sensor data, that can be used for validating the ADAS and ADS features through simulation-based testing.

  • Scenarios extracted are supported in OpenDrive and OpenScenario formats.
  • Scenarios extracted will be assigned complexity scores to identify challenging scenarios.
  • We take care of your data seriously and strictly comply with GDPR.

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