Digital Map of China

Digital map products of China are one of NavInfo Europe' core businesses. As the earliest provider of commercial navigation map products in China since 2002, the mother company NavInfo China has accumulated years of experience. NavInfo Europe provides all-around digital map services to the world's leading automotive, consumer electronics, the Internet and Mobile Internet customers, and are well received by customers by virtue of the excellent quality. So far, it has provided services to more than 10 automotive OEM customers, dozens of consumer-electronics manufacturers, and a number of Internet and mobile Internet service providers around the globe.

NavInfo digital map services have fully covered all highways, national and provincial roads, and county and township roads, and have achieved non-intermittent guidance of all cities, counties, villages, and townships all around China mainland (including Hong Kong and Macao) with a vast amount of POIs (Points of Interests); the services fully utilize the field acquisition mode to ensure reliability of data and have successively passed TS 16949 and Automotive SPICE certifications. In response to the diverse needs of customers worldwide, NavInfo Europe provides products that meet different standards and specifications for European customers.

NavInfo adopts quick update measures and infuses more in-depth information to the data. With the onsite data acquisition and field validation by the largest field operation teams in China, the integration of aerial photography mapping results and high-precision satellite images, and the utilization of the industry-leading levels of high-precision acquisition technologies and independently researched production technology and development platform, NavInfo carries out precision processing on the data to ensure the data are fresh, rich, and accurate.