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Our AI Research Lab is an innovation center with a diverse, energetic team of researchers with extensive expertise in machine learning, computer vision, robust AI, and causality. Our strong grip over a broad range of applications enables us to identity AI use cases in various industries and deploy AI technologies for smarter and reliable solutions.

Fundamental Research

Our AI Research Team takes pride in tackling the most fundamental challenges in computer vision using next-generation brain-inspired algorithms. Not only does this drive our AI applications, but it also makes a significant contribution to the global AI landscape.  

Our research focuses

Robust and Trustworthy AI

We build models which can adapt to the changing environments and are robust to malicious attacks

Brain Inspired Algorithms

We derive inspiration from Neuroscience and incorporate findings into our models to tackle the most pertinent issues

Green AI

We believe in the importance of environmental awareness and focus on reducing the carbon footprint in all our research practices

Causal Machine Learning

We aim to build the notion of causality into machine learning, particularly focusing on causal reinforcement learning

Sparse Efficient Compact Models

We train compact sparse models which can efficiently be deployed in resource-constrained devices

Efficient Learning

We focus on improving the robustness of our models to common real-world challenges: learning with noisy, imbalanced, or scarce datasets

AI Applications

All our products and services are backed by cutting-edge research and the best engineering practices. We have built and delivered state-of-the-art methods for object detection, semantic segmentation as well as efficient unified models. Our expertise lies in both 2D Images and videos as well as 3D Point Cloud. For efficiently training our models, we augment our training data with novel generative models.

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AI Research Team

We are a group of innovative and collaborative AI experts with diverse backgrounds and expertise from machine learning to neuroscience. Using the diverse skillset and competency of the team, we are energetic to bridging the gap between industry and academia through collaboration. 

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Fluid working processes are in our DNA; We welcome any challenge that facilitates growth and collaboration.

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