The development of ADAS and autonomous driving technologies have quickly advanced the role of digital mapping in the automotive industry. This shift has brought on technical challenges to digital maps such as reliability, consistency, and freshness – which can all be mitigated through NavInfo’s expertise.


The process of map compilation is to convert original map data into a map format that can be used by the navigation application. By compiling, the data will be standardized, optimized, and compressed to suitable for storage in various media. At NavInfo Europe, we are experts on independent, professional, rich-experienced map compilation.

Key features of our map compilation

  • Comprehensive partnership with market-proven customization capabilities

Our 30 years of experience have created highly customizable, unique solutions – these, in combination with our extensive knowledge about map database contexts, make us ideal partners in this space.

  • High-quality guaranteed with high efficiency and low risk

Our high-quality map products are guaranteed by our automotive grade production and validation tooling and processes – and our advanced Generic NDS Product Line, GENNDS, reduces the development risk and shortens the time-to-market.

  • Supports map data at all level and offer lifetime updates

We offer a one-stop shop for navigation databases with worldwide coverage – and various map data types with no limitation from source data suppliers. Additionally, we support flexible and swift updates ranging from months to minutes.


Up-to-date navigation databases are required to ensure the best possible navigation experiences. NavInfo Europe provides flexible, reliable, and cost-effective map updating services which are secured by our advanced technologies and ensured by stable databases.

Unique benefits of our map updating

  • Easy and secure update management

In order to provide ease-of-use for our customers, we simplified the update management of maps during the product life cycle. We also implement database maintenance and rollback which ensures a secure updating process.

  • Scalable update solutions

Thanks to our proprietary compression techniques and highly stabilized compilation and validation tool, we support various updates both on map feature level and on coverage level, including the smallest tile-based updating for ADAS and HD products.


Updated maps are an essential part of safer and comfortable driving. NavInfo Europe offers a valuable MapOTA (over-the-air) platform which designed for the automotive industry to transfer especially Navigation Data Standard (NDS) compliant map updates periodically for map freshness.

Key features of our map delivery

  • Operational Dashboards

User-friendly dashboards and screens are available to easily manage and monitor the service.

  • Flexible and Scalable

Our flexible enterprise and cloud-based solution is based on a modular micro service architecture, which able to run on-premises or as a service.

  • Highly Secure

Secure Communication, Encryption and Authentication technologies ensure vehicles with corresponding rights and permissions for secure map updates.

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