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Simulation is the way forward for Autonomous Driving Systems – it enables faster testing and development by providing accurate safety feedback in a simulated environment. NavInfo Europe’s mapping and AI Computer Vision expertise make us the ideal partner for Autonomous Driving developers, providing services that replicate real-world drives into simulation scenarios.

Mapping pipeline

NavInfo is not only the leader of map fields in China for over 15 years, but also the global pioneer of HD map supplier with ASPICE CL3 certification. HD mapping expertise enables us to facilitate precise digital representation of the real world, which ensures accurate and robust virtual testing performance that imitates real-world testing.

Data Compilation

We ensure that map data from multiple suppliers and various standards are compiled and streamlined into a customized format. Additionally, NavInfo Europe can conduct data normalization, transformation, and optimization – we adhere to ASAM standards to ensure data compatibility and we support OpenDrive format.

Big Data Ecosystem

As a professional location-based service supplier, NavInfo has developed a vast data ecosystem for data collection, processing, distribution, visualization, and operation. We can provide rich scenarios to facilitate simulations by accumulating PB-level data ranging from field collection to partners, such as map data, dynamic traffic data, trace data, event data, connected vehicle data, and V2X data.

AI Expertise

NavInfo Europe’s AI competence in computer vision alleviates the pressure of large amounts of data processing, allowing a shorter turnaround time of scenario generation. Our AI expertise incorporates data labeling, AI model training and optimization, and perception and optimization. This enables us to automatically extract both static environments and dynamic events from real-world driving.

Autonomous Driving Full-Stack Solution

Based on our competencies in AI and Big Data, NavInfo has been able to develop a full-stack autonomous driving solution. In 2018, we fulfilled a 5262km field-testing journey with NavInfo’s autonomous vehicle prototype in China – this real-world application of our solution enabled us to identify and collect scenarios, both typical and challenging, and helped build the NavInfo Scenario Library.

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