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Driving Data Privacy: GDPR-Compliant Anonymization & Transfer for large volume Vehicle-Based Images

The Client

Client is providing, among other services, technical car testing, inspection, and certification services worldwide (Europe, UK, US). It is a strategic supplier of the main OEM’s, Tier1 and Tier2, working as a European center of excellence in the field of vehicle testing with an integrated platform of services, skills and facilities that span the entire range of new product development, from validation and regulatory and/or voluntary compliance checks to the homologation services.

The Request

The client needed to transfer the data collected in Europe to its end customer (whose HQ is outside of the EU), which is an end-to-end GDPR compliance solution including data handling, anonymization, data transfer, etc.
The challenging aspect included cloud-based data transfer and physical data, for example, data stored on hard disks in various places.

The Solution

NavInfo Europe provided the GDPR-compliant Anonymization Service and Data Transfer Service for vehicle-based images. We used a blurring model for license plates and faces on vehicle-based images and videos and deployment in a scalable and fully automated pipeline in Europe.
Additionally, we offered both hard disk shipment and digital data transfer services to the client in China. NavInfo Europe as the data processor developed a general-purpose toolchain with a focus on privacy by design to ensure that any data we share follows Data Privacy and regulatory compliance (i.e. GDPR).
We documented the full process according to the GDPR requirements and performed quality control and monitoring of the whole process.

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Challenging vision conditions

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