GDPR-Compliant Solutions: Anonymization for Law Enforcement Image Collection

The Client

The client is providing a platform for digital supervision and law enforcement services worldwide (Europe, UK, US, and wider). They cooperate with the Public Prosecution Service and other (semi-)governmental and regulatory parties at every level, in every step of the process.

The Request

The client collected a vast amount of urban street-level images for law enforcement purposes. The challenging technical scope of this project was due to the wide range of devices and cameras used for data collection. In addition to the cameras mounted on vehicles, there were also images captured from mobile devices, which significantly differed from those taken with vehicle cameras, considering that individuals can capture images from various angles.
Another challenge involved integrating NavInfo’s anonymization solution into the client’s 24/7 operating software.

The Solution

To meet the client’s requirements, an automatic API was designed and deployed to be integrated with the client’s pipeline, which operates 24/7. It enabled a streamlined upload-process-download workflow and saved additional development efforts on the client’s side.
Our anonymization solution demonstrated high accuracy in detecting license plates and faces, even under challenging conditions such as varying camera positions (vehicle cameras and mobile devices) and different lighting and weather conditions.
To date, we have successfully processed over 4.5 million images uploaded by the client, resulting in considerable cost savings due to our optimized deployment approach. Additionally, we meticulously documented the data processing process in compliance with GDPR requirements and ensured secure data transfers to and from the client. We also provided GDPR compliance consultations to the client, who acts as a data controller, throughout the stages of data collection, storage, transfer, and handling.

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