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Grade A Surveying And Mapping Qualification Of Navigation Map Production Obtained By NavInfo Subsidiary

NavInfo, the leader in China mapping and services for navigation and autonomous driving, recently announced that its subsidiary China Trans Geomatics, professional traffic, and geospatial information technology provider, has obtained the Grade A surveying and mapping qualification for navigation map production in China. This qualification will support China Trans Geomatics to realize its strategic goal of “creating smart roads for smart cars”, providing innovative solutions in the fields of infrastructure, smart highways, smart transportation, and intelligent IoT. 

Under the corporate strategy of NavInfo Group, China Trans Geomatics undertakes the development of V2X applications and autonomous driving simulation solutions. In the field of V2X applications, China Trans Geomatics has been extensively involved in intelligent transportation infrastructure projects, to explore the full-scenario applications for future mobility with the implementation of HD map. In 2019, together with Huawei, Audi, and other partners, China Trans Geomatics has participated in the project of a national traffic control network for the Yanchong Expressway which was built for 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. Furthermore, the company has successfully conducted China’s first V2X demonstration in a real highway scenario. 

In the sector of autonomous driving simulation testing, China Trans Geomatics has successively carried out several projects with teams from the China Automotive Engineering Research Institute and China Automotive Technology & Research Center. The aim of this project is to help accelerate the deployment of autonomous driving simulation testing. The company has been equipped with the core capabilities of autonomous driving simulation, such as dynamic and static scene library, simulation scene production toolchain, simulation rendering, and testing software technology. It can provide platform-level solutions for autonomous driving testing and iterative development and improvement of algorithms. 

“After obtaining the Grade A surveying and mapping qualification, we will play an even more important role under NavInfo’s strategy to integrate the application of map products, especially for HD map, and V2X technologies.” said Meng Qingxin, Senior Vice President of NavInfo and General Manager of China Trans Geomatics, “Map will become the fundamentals for intelligent driving functions and the new generation smart roads to empower the future of smart mobility.” 

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