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  • Horus View & Explore and NavInfo Europe announce collaboration to streamline AI deployment for the mapping industry

Horus View & Explore and NavInfo Europe announce collaboration to streamline AI deployment for the mapping industry

NavInfo Europe and Horus View and Explore are delighted to announce their collaboration, where we will jointly be providing automated mapping & feature extraction solutions to the mobile mapping market. We started our collaboration with launching the on premise functionality of automating the process of making data GDPR compliant. Horus View and Explore is a Dutch-based independent software development company with a background in providing advanced mapping and camera technology solutions. Paired with NavInfo Europe’s expertise in AI Computer Vision, this collaboration enables businesses to automate their GIS data processing with the extended HORISON framework. 

NavInfo Europe’s Computer Vision models can largely automate the object extraction process, which saves resources from tedious manual tasks and improves the efficiency and effectiveness of data processing. Horus’s disruptive HORISON sensor & data fusing framework allows to build visionary imagery solutions at lightning speed.  HORISON includes code libraries, tool sets, and APIs that bring together all the different inbuilt components and AI computer vision models to self-create visionary imagery solutions. The unique combination of NavInfo Europe’s cutting-edge AICV models and the HORISON framework allows businesses to streamline their deployment and accelerate the go-to-market process.

The efficient integration of NavInfo Europe’s anonymization solution into the HORISON framework ensures that all camera data can be anonymized as required by data protection regulations, such as the GDPR in the EU. The model accurately detects and blurs personal information markers such as faces and license plates, which can be found in all field-collected data. The solution can be deployed on edge, on-premises, or on-cloud, offering flexibility based on the customer’s requirements.

This collaboration is prepared to serve multiple markets as we jointly plan to promote a smarter, safer, and modern future. Looking ahead, we seek to extend the integration from anonymization to facilitate automation for more scenarios, for instance, automatic verification of the state of the road, including the detection of roadside objects and features. This initiative will significantly increase efficiency by removing the need for manual tasks. Furthermore, by utilizing NavInfo Europe’s AICV expertise, the relevant authorities can insert their own domain knowledge to continuously improve the AI models for road maintenance, asset management, mapping, and other smart city applications.


“With this collaboration we integrate of our advanced AI Computer Vision technology into Horus’s innovative HORISON framework. We believe this AICV-enabled solution improve productivity for many businesses by providing automated image processing and flexible deployment options. We see great potentials of this solution to be expanded to a variety of geospatial and smart city-related use cases.” Michael Schuerdt, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, NavInfo Europe.

”There is an urgent need for efficient and reliable creation of actionable data in the mobile mapping market. Capturing street level imagery can be done faster, cheaper and will give you more information about the asset condition compared to Lidar. And now we can also speed up the transformation process of getting actionable data out of street level imagery by using the AI Computer Vision knowledge of NavInfo and the power of the Horison Framework. We can’t wait to roll out this unique combined proposition together with the NavInfo team. This is a true disruption in the Mobile Mapping Market!”Bas Beukers, Marketing Director Horus View & Explore.

Learn more about this collaboration here.

Learn How to build a GDPR compliant camera system using the Horus Framework and NavInfo Europe anonymization model here.

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