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NavInfo Attends 13th ITS European Congress and Achieves Remarkable Success

NavInfo recently attended the 13th ITS European Congress in Eindhoven. At the congress, NavInfo showcased its autonomous driving solutions, HD maps service, location big data platform MineData, and NDS compilation service, and the latest innovations from its Advance Research Lab based in Eindhoven. The event hosted nearly 5,000 visitors from 50 countries with more than 150 companies exhibiting their products and solutions in various ITS domains, such as smart transportation, smart driving, and future mobility.

As part of the globalization strategy of NavInfo Group, NavInfo Europe was established in 2011 in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Shortly afterwards, NavInfo Europe launched an Advanced Research Lab. NavInfo Europe plays an important role in supporting NavInfo’s European automotive OEM customers, while actively conducting research and development of cutting-edge AI technology. The AI Research Team’s latest achievement in Computer Vision applications was demonstrated during the Congress and received a high level of interest from the attendees.

NavInfo Europe’s Offering

NavInfo Europe developed real-time object recognition, real-time semantic segmentation, and real-time scene understanding based on computer vision and deep learning. These developments help self-driving cars recognize more than 350 objects such as road signs and traffic lights from real-time image data and segment over 40 road signs. These new technologies enable the automatic extraction of map attributes and elements and improves the efficiency of automatic mapping and updating of HD maps.

Additionally, NavInfo Europe demonstrated its new MapOTA map data online distribution system solution. After compilation, testing, and verification of navigation maps or ADAS map data, this system can accelerate the map delivery to your vehicle via Cloud. The solution achieves a high efficiency of incremental or tile-based map updating to ensure driving safety with the freshest map data.

New Joint Venture: AIIM

At the beginning of 2019, the start-up company AIIM was established jointly by NavInfo Europe and the Mobile Perception System Lab from Eindhoven University of Technology. The purpose is to use AI to develop the application of machine perception and positioning technology to provide solutions for autonomous driving, smart agriculture, robotics, Internet of Things, and other fields. AIIM’s solutions also made their debut at the ITS European Conference and attracted many participants.

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