NavInfo Europe achieves Level 3 Automotive SPICE® Assessment

NavInfo Europe B.V., a global leader in geographic data content aggregation, integration, and compilation, announces that its compilation software and data distribution services developed for a major international automobile manufacturer has successfully passed the Automotive SPICE® Level 3 assessment. This achievement demonstrates that NavInfo Europe’s map compilation products and services meet the rigorous requirements set by this global standard for process quality in the automotive industry.

ASPICE®, also known as Automotive Software Performance Improvement and Capability dEtermination, is a widely adopted standard that provides the framework for defining, implementing, and evaluating the process required for software development in the automotive industry. According to the definition of standard, Capability Level 3 means a set of uniform guidelines for the complete organization has been established, the organization learns by improving the standards. At present, major OEMs across the world are assessing their suppliers’ process capability for effectively and reliably delivering software products using the ASPICE® assessment framework.

To achieve the certification, NavInfo Europe performed internal assessments, identified improvement points, and implemented the required process enhancements. The ASPICE® assessment was carried out in September 2021 by KnüvenerMackert, an expert team that specializes in Automotive SPICE® assessment, consulting, coaching, and training. The assessment concerned twelve process areas and their capability levels, whereby NavInfo Europe accomplished the “fully achieved” rating for each process.

NavInfo Europe has always put quality at the forefront of its processes and has continued to adhere to industry standards such as ISO 9001, ISO/IEC 27001 and TiSAX. “By achieving ASPICE® L3, we have demonstrated to have a well-defined and controlled development process with a great potential of shortening the release schedule, labor time and costs by limiting process and product nonconformities.” stated Daniela Bondor, Quality Officer at NavInfo Europe.

“This is a significant achievement for us. In our journey, which has spanned over 10 years, quality and reliability have always been our top priority. We at NavInfo Europe are thrilled to support OEMs with our trustworthy map compilation and map delivery services in this era of rapid development of connected vehicles and autonomous driving.” said Arnoud Huijser, Director of Data Delivery Services at NavInfo Europe.

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