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NavInfo Europe Presents AI-enabled Smart City Solutions at the ITS World Congress 2021

This year, the ITS World Congress will reconvene for the 27th annual conference in Hamburg from October 11th-15th. As the world’s leading event focused on smart mobility, the ITS World Congress underlines the importance of intelligence integration into building cities and infrastructure management. The Congress aims to raise awareness of smart mobility solutions among policy-makers, industry experts, and the public.

As long-term partners with ITS, NavInfo Europe will join again this year and bring our latest AI-enabled solutions for smart city applications to the conference stage. We are proud that two of our presentations have been accepted by the ITS committee to share with the attendees. Our business presentation discusses AI solutions for infrastructure and city applications, and our technical presentation will demonstrate how we use AI to facilitate efficient road maintenance inspection.

NavInfo Europe established our Advanced Research Lab in 2015 as the R&D hub of NavInfo Group. To support NavInfo’s mapping service, the research center focused on using computer vision to facilitate and optimize mapping automation and map updating. Having accumulated years of expertise, the research lab has developed state-of-the-art technology for object detection, semantic segmentation, localization, and efficient unified models. Meanwhile, we place a strong emphasis on ensuring the efficiency and robustness of our AI models, using next-generation brain-inspired algorithms. This has allowed us to expand our services to external training and model optimization for new domains within the smart city, such as asset management, road damage and maintenance, and data privacy.

To help businesses overcome challenges in AI adoption, we have proudly launched our AI business solution in 2021. By combining our AI expertise with customers’ specific domain knowledge, we help our customers identify the gap between AI and their business and adopt tangible AI solutions to boost its long-term efficiency. We have delivered concrete results for various use cases in smart cities, covering topics such as traffic sign detection, garbage detection, and GDPR compliance.

We look forward to welcoming you to our technical presentation on October 14th at the TP45: Improving Maintenance and Operations Planning, and to our business presentation on the 15th of October at the BP16 session: The Next Generation Solutions.

Elin Tong
Marketing Manager
Email: elin.tong@navinfo.eu

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