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NavInfo Joins Forces With Inceptio Technology to Pioneer L3 Autonomous Driving for Commercial Vehicles

NavInfo has recently entered into a volume production agreement with Inceptio Technology, a self-driving commercial vehicle technology and operations company. NavInfo will provide L3 Autonomous Driving HD Map “Data + Engine” Products, and relevant services for Inceptio’s self-driving commercial vehicles which will go into mass production at the end of 2021. This will be the first commercial order to date of L3 HD Maps for self-driving commercial vehicles in China.

According to the agreement, NavInfo will provide one-stop map services to OneMap to support Inceptio in building a logistics fleet of autonomous driving commercial vehicles. OneMap’s service is integrated by truck maps, ADAS maps and HD maps. Among them, the nationwide truck map is customized for long-distance navigation guidance support. The ADAS map, coupled with Smart Horizon, supports vehicle control to achieve lightweight fuel-saving. Meanwhile, the HD map provides highway and urban lane level navigation and positioning with perception assistance from high-precision sensors on the vehicles.

Along with trunk line transportation, truck map navigation will assist drivers on regular urban roads. When entering highways, the driver can opt for autonomous driving according to the ODD (Operational Design Domains) function of the HD Map. As the core part of the autonomous driving system, the HD Map will help the vehicle accurately define its position and play an important role in the perception, planning, decision-making, and other modules. Thus, allowing the vehicle to understand the ever-changing real-world environment and escort away from potential hazard.

So far, NavInfo’s HD Map has completed the coverage of China’s national highways and is able to provide a rapid update based on our “cloud + terminal” closed-loop ecology system. Our HD Map products and toolchains have passed the Automotive SPICE Capability Level 3 assessment, which makes us the first ASPICE CL3 certified HD map provider in this industry and fully demonstrates the high quality of our HD map products and services.

NavInfo’s Smart Horizon product, developed by AeroZhonghuan, combines with the fuel-saving algorithm and vehicle control of Inceptio Technology to create lightweight fuel-saving assisted driving functions. It uses the ADASIS protocol to transfer the precise lanes, slopes, and curvature data of the ADAS map, allowing the system to make corresponding decisions, and autonomously control the vehicle to achieve better and more fuel-efficient driving performance.

About Inceptio Technology

Founded in 2018, Inceptio Technology aims at building a nationwide freight network using autonomous driving trucks in China. I.T focuses on the transformation of line-haul logistics by providing a more secure, efficient, and economical Transportation-As-A-Service to logistics customers. The company’s autonomous driving heavy-duty trucks utilize artificial intelligence technology, new energy technology, and logistics big data technology, providing logistics companies with efficient and safe logistic solutions.

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