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  • NavInfo Powers NDS.live To Build The Next Generation of Map Standard

NavInfo Powers NDS.live To Build The Next Generation of Map Standard

NavInfo, the leader in China mapping and solutions for smart mobility, joined force with NDS partners to develop the first NDS.Live implementation. The primary results were demonstrated in the recent NDS public conference.

NDS.Live is a next generation navigation data standard initiated by NDS association with the purpose of better supporting connected and automated vehicles now and in the future. Different as NDS.Classic, NDS.Live is designed as a distributed map data system being able to cover all use cases dealing with map data, especially for ADAS, embedded navigation, and autonomous driving systems. 

To help verify the capability and maturity of NDS.Live, NavInfo, together with other four NDS members and Association’s contracted technical staff has formed a joint development team and started the 1st implementation in July 2020. After two months, they have successfully developed a set of implementations based on NDS.Live. The significant results validated the flexibility and scalability of NDS.Live and prepared it for the release. 

“We will continue to focus on the implementation for ADAS and automated driving system for now. Starting from 2021, we will expand the scope to navigation and infotainment based NDS.Live.” said Fabian Klebert, NDS Association technical coordinator. Moreover, an NDS.Live development portal is planned to be launched in 2021 to further support NDS.Live development and production. 

In the course of the implementation, NavInfo extended the NDS compilation chain with a new back-end plugin to generate NDS.Live smart layer. Additionally, we expanded our existing map distribution platform to provide NDS.Live interface. “Due to the highly modular design of NDS.Live and similar modular design of NavInfo’s toolchain, we have efficiently completed the migration from NDS.Classic to NDS.Live.” explained Nico Glorius, Account Manager at NavInfo. “In addition to that, we have successfully provided our HD lane service via NDS.Live interface to our partner NNG to assist them to develop Intelligent Co-Driver Clients. Based on our experience, we have given input for NDS.Live improvement to the data structure and documentation. NavInfo will continue to explore NDS.Live, through close collaboration with other NDS members, to help shape the future of this new generation of map standard.” 

NDS.Live inherits the efficiency, safety and interoperability of NDS.Classic and offers more flexibility in terms of data management and deployment, supporting the connected and automated cars of today and of the future. Being one of the earliest members of NDS association, NavInfo has proactively involved in various working groups to advance the NDS standard. By participating in NDS.Live, NavInfo will combine our professional map products and rich expertise to boost our portfolio and provide our customers with high quality and efficient map services. 

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