Vacancy Sr. Data Analytics & Machine Learning Research Analyst


Work Description

We are looking for a specialist to join our team. We work in projects that are related to Machine Learning applied to Cybersecurity to leap forward the security of automotive systems, both in-vehicle and in the back-ends. This also includes increasing the security of the new technologies involved in autonomous driving.
Your work will help improve the security of current and future automotive technologies, including in-vehicle systems protection, secure V2X communications and autonomous driving, among others. You will also help in creating solutions that will enhance data privacy, while still allowing for data exchanges.
Your work will involve several Data Analytics & Machine Learning tasks, collaborating in a team of Cybersecurity experts and in relation to another team of Machine Learning experts. The main work topics will be applied research Machine Learning to Cybersecurity and Data Privacy, as well as the development of ML-enhanced Cybersecurity solutions related to automotive embedded systems, cloud computing, and automotive Data Analysis.
We are a small but growing team. We are building state-of-the-art products that will help the industry to leap forward. We are looking for someone with a strong theoretical backself-motivated and entrepreneurial, flexible, curious, willing to learn and to adapt to the team needs in each different project.

What we expect


Your abilities should include experience with many of the following:

• Time-series analysis using RNN and attention-based models.
• Anomaly detection, few-shot learning, unsupervised learning, semi-supervised learning.
• Machine Learning security problems: adversarial examples, data poisoning, recovering training data, etc. and ways to avoid them.
• Big Data projects using Hadoop and Spark.
• Experience working with very imbalanced data.
• EDA, feature selection, feature enrichment.
• Privacy issues and how to address them.
• Programming in Python and/or R.
• Knowledge of at least one DL library (Theano, TF, Pytorch, MxNet, etc.)
• Affinity for Cybersecurity.

Education and skills:

• Master in Computer Science, Mathematics, Data Science, Physics, Telecommunications.
• Strong ethics.
• Analytical approach to problem solving.
• Being able to read and summarize research papers in Machine Learning and apply them.
• Leadership and a make-do, problem-solving attitude.
• Original thinking.
• Presentation skills.

• PhD. In DL/ML and experience in research.
• Research publications, patents, participation in public projects.
• Participation in ML competitions (Kaggle).

What we offer

A competitive salary (based on a 40-hour week), consistent with your level of education and experience
• An initial one-year contract with the prospect of an indefinite contract
• One extra month’s salary per year (‘13th month’), plus 8% holiday allowance annually
• 25 vacation days , 5 compensation days
• Flexible working hours
• Extensive training opportunities
• Pension and health insurance scheme
• A fast moving, innovative and international diverse working environment


For more information please contact HRM at 040-2313469

To apply please send your CV to the HRM department (hrm(at)

This position is not open for contractors.

At the same time as you submit your curriculum vitae to us, you thereby agree to having your personal information archived. Your application will be kept in the recruitment database for one year. However, you will need to apply to each specific job that is of interest.

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