The automotive industry has been shifting: integrated information systems, smart sensors, self-driving, and vehicle-to-everything communications, just to mention a few. The opportunities for development are vast and rely on technological innovations and up-to-date applications in a secure environment. NavInfo Europe, taking advantage of our mapping, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity competencies, creates unique and holistic solutions to automotive customers.


NavInfo cemented its status as a market leader in HD maps and smart mobility solutions by being the 1st commercialized navigation map supplier in China. At NavInfo Europe, we have dedicated ourselves to helping our customers get accurate and fresh maps through map data resourcing, compilation, delivery, and updates. Along with precise and clean map data production, NavInfo Europe is passionate about the safety and security of connected vehicle services of today and the future.


As autonomous driving becomes a growing trend, so does the demand for safe and efficient testing. Physical testing of autonomous vehicles requires a large amount of time, is costly, and can be dangerous. To ease the process of testing, we used our data processing expertise and developed simulations that can be used to successfully test autonomous vehicles in several different environments. Our Simulation Solution uses state-of-the-art computer vision technology to collect and create repeatable scenarios that enable safe testing of autonomous vehicles.


Smart cars, connected and autonomous vehicles all utilize artificial intelligence systems to process data which allows the vehicle to function smoothly. These artificial intelligence systems can be vulnerable to cyberattacks which can severely impact the safety of the passengers and the functions of the vehicle. Our in-house Cybersecurity team can prevent cyberattacks through rigorous process of penetration testing to locate and neutralize possible attacks. Building on years of experience, our Cybersecurity service will also ensure that your organization meets the latest data privacy regulations and requirements for autonomous vehicles.

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