AI Business Solution

Numerous organizations are actively seeking AI Solutions to power their applications due to AI’s high efficiency in alleviating tedious and monotonous jobs. However, certain challenges cause organizations to become hesitant towards integrating AI technology into their practices. These challenges include the lack of expertise, technology, and tools, and the difficulty to identify how AI can fit into their business strategy. NavInfo Europe’s dedicated AI team provides custom solutions based on your organization’s needs.


At NavInfo Europe, we deepen our understanding and application of AI through continuous research and implementation. By combining our AI expertise with customer’s specific domain knowledge, we help you to identify the gap between AI and your organization, adopt tangible AI solutions that suit your business to boost its long-term efficiency.

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Our cutting-edge algorithm enables organizations to comply with global privacy requirements, including the GDPR, by blurring sensitive information from image and video data. 

OUR AI business solution

AI strategy consulting

  • Understand AI challenges and potential
  • AI strategy and roadmap development
  • Guidance on ethics, efficiency, and robustness in AI
  • Advice on build-or-buy and AI talent

AI engineering services

  • AI infrastructure and pipeline setup
  • Data sourcing, optimizing training dataset, and synthetic data generation
  • Model design and optimization
  • Model inference and implementation

AI solutions

  • Face and license plate anonymization for GDPR compliance
  • Multi-objects detection and scene understanding
  • AI model performance and safety assessment
  • Model improvement pipeline

"Performance, reliability, and security are the most important values in our solutions and in our partnerships. NavInfo Europe is committed to developing trustworthy and efficient AI solutions to meet your organization's needs."

Our AI Expert Team

NavInfo Europe’s passionate AI team consists of experts and researchers of diverse backgrounds ranging from neuroscience to machine learning. Through extensive collaboration, our team can provide solutions that bridge the gap between industry and academia on a variety of issuesOur AI team boasts diligent research skills and an exhaustive approach that takes your organization’s unique needs into perspective. 

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