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Personal data protection is crucial in this digital age. A variety of data protection regulations have been enforced globally to protect individuals’ private information, such as the GDPR, CCPA, and CSL. By leveraging our expertise in AI and Computer Vision, we develop high-precision solutions for personal data anonymization in both image and video data, for instance, faces and license plates. This way organizations can continue developing their products safely without risking non-compliance.

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Our anonymization model blurs faces and license plates from image and video data. This data can be derived from ADAS/ADS validation training, HD mapping and data acquisition, as well as dashcam footage. Anonymized data allows the automotive sector to continuously develop and train vehicles without compromising the privacy of the public.

Public Sector

Our model can also anonymize age, gender, and emotion to render individuals unrecognizable. This ensures that smart video analytics, policy and law enforcement, and smart cities can perform their functions without violating privacy regulations. This data can be extracted from street-level cameras, CCTVs, mobile phone cameras, or vehicle cameras

Data annotation service

We offer a fully managed data annotation service with human-in-the-loop to create specific multi-purpose algorithm training data sets for the Automotive and Smart City domains. With our optimized Quality over Quantity labeling process, we are able to annotate camera, lidar, and other sensors for 2D/3D bounding boxes, polygons, lines, and other features based on the customer's unique needs. 

Anonymize your own images with our model

Use our examples to compare the images before and after anonymization. Got your own image and want to test it with our model? Just upload a JPEG or PNG image (max. 4MB) and see how our model will anonymize all personal information markers.

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Why choose navinfo europe?


Industry Grade Anonymization 

Our model meets the highest criteria for detection and blurring, is highly accurate, and possesses high-quality processing efficiency.

Variety Of Generalization 

Our scalable model is trained to support multi-region and multi-scenario generalizations.

Resource Efficiency

Rule out manual time and resource-consuming efforts by utilizing our fully automated anonymization pipeline.

Flexible Deployment

We facilitate the easy use of our anonymization service via edge, on-premise, or on-cloud deployment, based on the customer’s own requirements.

Scalable & Customizable 

Our anonymization pipeline is fast and is optimized according to requirements and preferred deployment to the customer’s environment. 

Privacy Regulation Compliance

We set up data protection infrastructure by design and consult customers for robust measures and documents regarding data privacy regulations (eg: GDPR).

"Now, we can speed up the transformation process of getting actionable data out of street-level imagery by using the AI Computer Vision knowledge of NavInfo Europe and the power of the Horison Framework. We can't wait to roll out this unique combined proposition together with the NavInfo team. This is a true disruption in the mobile mapping market!"

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