NavInfo Europe’s AI-powered image and video anonymization solution. 

Anonymize faces and license plates that are included in visual data to make meaningful use of your collected data without risking non-compliance with privacy laws such as GDPR, CCPA, and APPI.

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Why choose navinfo europe?

Industry Grade Anonymization

Highly accurate, high-quality processing efficiency that meets the top standards for detection and blurring.

Variety of Generalization

A scalable model that supports multi-region and multi-scenario generalizations 

Resource Efficiency

Our fully automated anonymization pipeline rules out manual time and resource-consuming efforts.

Flexible Deployment

We offer cloud, on-premise, or on-edge deployment to satisfy our customers’ needs.

Privacy Regulation Compliance

Data protection infrastructure by design, and consultation for robust measures and documentation needed for privacy regulations.

Scalable & Customizable

The pipeline is optimized and deployed in the customer’s own environment, relevant metadata is available upon request.

processed hours of vehicle based visual data

We have successfully anonymized input data from a variety of customers across domains, including data from diverse camera types, different weather conditions, and across different regions



Anonymization of personal data allows the automotive industry to continually develop and train vehicles without compromising important data. The data can be derived from ADAS/ADS training and validation, HD mapping, and other data acquisition purpose. We anonymize images and videos data captured from:

  • Different camera type 
  • Mounted in different positions 
  • Different regions 


To support smart city analytics, police and law enforcement, as well as smart city operations, we anonymize data derived from the following camera types:

  • CCTVs 
  • Mobile phone cameras 
  • Vehicle cameras


We offer a fully managed data annotation service with human-in-the-loop to create specific multi-purpose algorithm training data sets for the Automotive and Smart City domains. With our optimized Quality over Quantity labeling process, we are able to annotate camera, lidar, and other sensors for 2D/3D bounding boxes, polygons, lines, and other features based on the customer’s unique needs.


Keeping in mind GDPR, we manage the physical shipments of hard disks and the digital transfer of large-scale data volumes collected by vehicles, across different cities and countries. With our rich experience in field mapping, our data handling service supports data collection for mapping, autonomous driving, ADAS testing, or surveillance through our tailor-made secure data pipeline, delivered to the clients’ end-points. 

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