drivetag ai

Unleash the power of intelligent data tagging from vehicle sensor data, 
empowering users in seamless data curation, labeling, and algorithm training for developing and validating autonomous driving features.

If you are doing

Data Collection

Planning data collection strategies effectively, avoiding redundant data collection

Data Curation

the diversity, richness, distribution, and completeness of collected data

Data Transfer

Transfer the most meaningful data
into your data servers to save transfer costs and improve efficiency

ADAS/ADS Feature Development

Make sure the dataset is balanced and complete for ADAS/ADS function development and validation

How can tags help you?

DriveTag AI, A solution for automated data tagging services for optimized
development and testing of algorithms for autonomous driving functions.

Discover diverse range of information tags from your drive collection on weather, challenging map infrastructure classes, critical vision classes with contextual insights and vehicle dynamics events from the drive scene.

Empowering users to compile high-quality datasets to curate, filter, and label for algorithm training and validation, with a focus on reducing costs and efforts associated with data collection, transfer, and hosting.

Why DriveTag AI?

Extensive list of crucial feature classes in L2/L2+/L3 focused AD function development and validation

Seamlessly integrated with GDPR-compliant data collection and handling 

Ensure cost-efficiency by filtering out redundant data and focusing on transferring only useful data



We are aligning our DriveTag AI development with ASAM OpenODD®, ensuring compatibility and staying ahead of the curve.

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