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Personal data protection is crucial in this digital age. A bunch of data protection regulations has been enforced globally to protect individuals’ private information, such as the GDPR, CCPA, and CSL. By leveraging our expertise in AI and Computer Vision, we develop high-precision solutions for personal data anonymization in both image and video data, for instance, faces and license plates. This way organizations can continue developing their products safely without risking non-compliance. 

Automotive and Mapping

Blurring Model

Blur objects: Face, License Plate

Data Type: Image, Video

For use cases:

  • ADAS/ADS Validation and Training
  • HD Mapping and Data Acquisition
  • Dashcam Footage: safe driving and insurance

Public Sector

Blurring or Smart Anonymization Model

Blur objects: Face, License Plate, Age, Gender, Emotion  

Data Type: Street-level camera, CCTV, Mobile phone camera, vehicle camera.

For use cases:

  • Smart Video Analytics
  • Policy & Law Enforcement: public safety
  • Smart City: intelligent analysis

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Our state of the art anonymization

Industry grade anonymization quality in accuracy and processing efficiency

Variety of generalization multi regions and multi scenarios supported 

Resource efficiency by using our fully automated anonymization pipeline

Flexible deployment enables users to easily use our cloud service via API, or run it on customer own cloud or local environment

Scalable & Customizable our anonymization pipeline is fast and optimized according to the requirements and deployed on the customer environment.

Data protection by design set up the anonymization infrastructure for GDPR compliance throughout the whole data handling process.

Comply with privacy regulations consult customers robust measures and documents for data privacy regulations, e.g. GDPR Compliance. 

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