An accelerated digital transformation has taken place worldwide, creating a strong need for cybersecurity to ensure that data is never compromised. Our rich experiences and extensive knowledge in Connected Cars, IoT, Telecom, Artificial Intelligence, and Cloud Computing provide comprehensive safety protocols for our clients.

Penetration testing service

Every organization wants to know how well prepared their network systems are to withstand a cyberattack. By placing ourselves in the shoes of a potential attacker, we are able to use penetration testing as a service to detect your security vulnerabilities, well before any hackers do.

We conduct penetration testing both internally and externally for various applications at all levels: web, mobile, cloud, IoT devices, and connected cars.

GDPR compliance services

Today’s organizations face major challenges if there is no intrinsic security when handling personal data. At NavInfo Europe, we provide comprehensive GDPR compliance services to save your time and minimize your risk of data breaches and potential penalties. We help our customers implement GDPR compliance processes and corporate policy standards for data processing. It can be conducted regularly to mitigate long-term risks for your organization. To facilitate further compliance, we also offer specialized tools and services for GDPR data depersonalization and assessment tools for de-anonymized data.

Cybersecurity for Artificial Intelligence solutions

AI has been widely used in various industries and aspects of society. However, there have been rising concerns about the safety and trustworthiness of AI models. NavInfo Europe provides solutions to predict, identify and protect AI models from security problems.

Penetration testing of AI models

To protect AI models from adversarial attacks, we apply a coverage-guided penetration testing toolbox which can provide a meaningful indication of robustness, test coverage, and detected vulnerabilities in AI models through risk analysis. The coverage metric is specially designed to ensure a sufficient test.

IP Protection for AI models and datasets

Our digital watermarking solution can add traceless watermarks into AI models or proprietary datasets. The watermark remains identifiable in the model if it was modified, for instance by fine-tuning or transfer-learning. When a watermarked dataset was used to train a model, this can be detected by examining the model.

AI protection toolbox

The increase of AI models being stolen in public clouds via prediction API has enabled adversaries to attack networks easily. Our AI Protection Toolbox has proven to be efficient against the most notorious adversarial attacks on computer vision models and others. It acts in two ways: detection of the attacks, and evasion from their harmful activity.

Licensing of AI models

Our licensing solution allows organizations to implement licensing functionality for AI models and AI frameworks in Cloud and Enterprise infrastructure. Meanwhile, it also obfuscates and encrypts AI models and AI frameworks to protect them from reverse-engineering and intellectual property stealing.

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