Penetration Testing Service

A penetration test, also known as pentest, is performed by cybersecurity experts who imitate real-world attacks to identify security problems in the customer’s systems or applications. This approach allows organizations to assess the vulnerabilities in their systems and to evaluate the consequences of any attacks on their infrastructure.

Connected Cars Penetration Testing

As one of the most complex connected devices, a car has an immense attack surface – the internet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, custom RF protocols, CAN, OBD2 interfaces, automotive ethernet, remote diagnostics, telematics, mobile apps, etc. We perform an inclusive manual pentest and reverse engineering of both software and hardware to detect vulnerabilities. The simulated attacks will cover malicious access to remote control of the connected car, autopilot, and driver assistance functionality.

External Penetration Testing

An external pentest is performed against the perimeter systems of an organization – which are open and directly reachable via the internet. We simulate all external attack vectors from the internet to a customer’s infrastructure and use these vectors to assess the level of external cybersecurity protection. Our comprehensive service covers scanning and reconnaissance, threat modeling, vulnerability analysis, exploitation, post-exploitation, lateral movements, and final reporting.

Mobile Penetration Testing

Numerous mobile applications are affected by dangerous malware every day. Keeping your mobile applications, and therefore your customers, protected means taking a proactive approach towards pentesting. Our team provides comprehensive security testing for mobile applications, in both Android and iOS, by performing dynamic and static security code analysis, and checking the security controls to detect vulnerabilities in mobile applications.

Cloud Penetration Testing

Multiple organizations are migrating to a cloud-based infrastructure, to take advantage of the flexibility and cost efficiency. However, this shift creates high security risk. We conduct automated and manual penetration testing of public clouds such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Microsoft, Azure, private clouds, and hybrid clouds of our customers. We simulate all attack vectors for the cloud services and provide risk assessment as well as guidelines for improving cybersecurity controls in clouds.

IoT Penetration Testing

Any device connected to the internet has a high potential to become a target of various attacks. This includes smart home devices, medical devices, transportation, and industrial Internet of Things (IoT) devices. We perform reverse engineering, disassembling and manual penetration testing of these internet devices for detecting vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and loopholes in IoT software and hardware components.

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