Map Data Services

At NavInfo Europe, we know that advanced vehicles require advanced map data solutions. We therefore created a global solution by combining multiple local providers into a comprehensive map service to ensure the interoperability and bridging of data and applications.

Map compilation services

Within the supply chain of digital mapping, NavInfo Europe compiles the data captured by local, global and specialist map suppliers into customized digital map products for automotive OEM customers.

We offer compilation services of navigation, ADAS, and HD maps according to standards like NDS and NDS. Live but also proprietary formats upon request, to allow our customers to enjoy updated, rich, and detailed map products. We also have the capability to harmonize and aggregate data from different providers such as parking or EV charging providers, and fuse sensor data from different sources.


Within NavInfo Europe, Navigation Data Standard (NDS) plays a central role in the services we offer – which range from content aggregation and compilation to validation and testing of maps according to NDS.  


NavInfo Europe’s NDS products have been used for various ADAS applications, enabled by our rapid updates and powerful processing capabilities.


Through NDS.Live, we aim to address the need for even more detailed maps, frequent updates, as well as the implementation of intelligent data delivery services.

HD Map

Being a founding member of NDS consortium, NavInfo Europe is active in the HD NDS development and provides the NDS compilation service for the HD map data and its related services.

Map management solutions

NavInfo Europe is proud to be one of the leading independent providers of software services for the worldwide automotive navigation industry. Our complex software validates, tests, improves, and compiles digital map data into any global format. Our smart over-the-air map update and data delivery platform works in a highly secure environment, tailored to fit our clients’ needs.

NavInfo Europe provides overall map management solutions ranging from:

  • Scalable solutions for full and partial map updates  
  • Map version management supporting various update strategies  
  • Distribution services towards end-user cars directly or via proxy servers 
  • Data size efficient solutions for incremental updates of installed maps
  • Streaming of highly customizable and optimized map data to reduce on-board data storage and required bandwidth  

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